Pasbox Boys M Strong (7-11 yr)

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Always standard with extra hard coating against scratches. Dirt and water repellent. Equipped with UV filter and anti-reflection layer.

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Blue Light Filter

A Blue Light Filter filters the blue light that enters through your monitor, making your eyes less tired.Please note thatthe lenses are slightly more yellow and do have a subtle blue glow.

Blue Light Filter
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Pupil Distance (PD)

PD For kids this number often lies between 44 & 64 mm

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Only 4 frames 5 days at home!
These children's glasses are suitable for boys of approximately 7 to 11 years.

The Pasbox contains 4 tough, strong glasses. The hip Lyon in black and chocolate variant with golden details, a sturdy blue and a classic frame.

In this box you will find the following fonts:

  • Lyon Smoke M / L
  • Lyon Chocolate S / M
  • Boston Iron Blue M / L
  • Milano Rest M

Free Shipping, no obligation!

Ready with passes, what now?
Order your favorite frame via the website. We then make a brand new glasses especially for you, with the right glasses in it. You already have complete glasses on strength for € 159

We just ask you to go with the 4 pass glasses and return the complete box. When damaging we count on costs.

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